About Giftybhai

Well, somewhere Giftybhai was undoubtedly founded by Ms. Soumya Kohli (aged 20 yrs. ) but, the spirit and the name Giftybhai itself comes from her sister, our co founder - Ms. Tanya Kohli ( aged 24 yrs. ). So, basically these 2 witches bought and brought the main ingredients together to cook up the magical concoction called Giftybhai. In order to add garnishing and serve this magical concoction to you we teamed up with a magical wizard - Snehanshu Badaik ( aged 37 yrs. ). The following mini paragraphs below each of these visionaries photos will help you in becoming one stop closer to understanding what Giftybhai looks like in the 3D realm.


Well-coordinated teamwork speaks About Us

We love what we do

We infuse passion into every stroke, crafting art designs that reflect our love for what we do.

Our working process

Creating art together, step by step, with care and imagination.

Our Team

Soumya Kohli


Soumya Kohli is a Virgo and rightfully enough she has Virgo's eye for detail. She is solution-oriented and highly creative. Highly emotional but never hysteric. Highly reliable but sometimes late. Highly fair but sometimes tainted just like us all. She founded Giftybhai with her vision and creativity to paint trendy designs that her friends would like. ...Motivated by the appreciation she got from her friends she was encouraged to put an effort by selling those paintings and to her surprise, some of her friends really paid and got paintings from her and then even sent back photos from their respectives houses containing those paintings on their walls as a sweet testimonial. She never looked back. She still manages to find time for her studies and is truly aligned to complete her Bachelors in Arts from the prestigious PGGC for girls sector - 11 , Chandigarh with flying colors. Little did she know that her small efforts will be further recognized by her elder sister and she will not settle for anything less but turning this small scale business idea to a luring brand with pan India presence and the brand will be called Giftybhai. Show More

Tanya Kohli aka April


April is an entrepreneur. She started working as a sales affiliate for Hector Beverages in 2019 ( when she was just 18 yrs. Old ) and after gaining 4+ years experience of working in corporations ( BPOs and KPOs) as a full-time employee she realized that even though, your performance is always in the top stack rankings it's not the only thing required to get promoted, ...one has to take part in the office politics and give some good ass kissing to the Managers or Directors. She didn’t want to do that so heartbroken she followed her intuition and appeared for an interview with Qatar Airlines for the position of Flight Attendant - the salary package was lucrative but she couldn’t make it. She managed to clear the screening, written english and personality test but failed in the last round - scar check. She has proved out to be a warrior in her life and when the scars which she held dear to her as a testament of war turned out to be a major hurdle to her success, she lost hope and track. After a few months lightning struck her when her intuition finally cajoled her to STOP trying to get a job ALL AT ONCE. Then she met a few investors - had a few rounds with them ( as she had not just 1 but ample of business startup ideas ). In January, 2023 finally, she got her breakthrough when 1 investor proposed to provide for not only a fixed stipend but also for the working capital which was required for not just 1 but 2 startups. Since then she is striving hard and will continue to strive hard to take these 2 startups to unfathomable heights. And 1 startup among these former-mentioned 2 startups happens to be Giftybhai. Show More

Snehanshu Badaik


Snehanshu Badaik aka Sneh Bhai among his peers who worship this man as the greatest friends one can find and confide in. He’s a man with unfathomable depth in his personality, his character and his knowledge about not just this world but also about the celestial bodies and the astrological laws governing their movements and the consequent effects these celestial ...movements have on our lives. His approach to work is to be all efforts in or all efforts out. There is no middle way for Sneh Bhai. Work is work, it's never less work or more work. Carrying the fire of a Saggitarius he gracefully manages to put a smile on his friend’s faces and cater to his tender aged daughter’s needs in spite of the ADHD. Well, his ADHD is also like his intriguing work and communication skills - a show put up by his own mind.
As the Bible says - For in much wisdom is much grief; and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow. This led to him turning away from social life and accepting the sorrow in the world which ultimately decreased his likeness to put efforts towards bringing a change! The wizard gave up on his magic stick and distanced himself from the magic. Then after so many years the magic stick suddenly appeared and went to the wizard and it said , ‘ Master! It’s time to create Giftybhai! ‘.
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